Grape Photo 1

Grape 2

After we check the sugar and acid levels we forward the info to our winemaker, the great Morten Hallgren of Ravines Cellars. Morten makes the 50 minute drive from Geneva to our site annually to visually inspect and taste the fruit. This season has been hot and very dry with warm nights dropping the acid levels and raising the sugar levels quite rapidly. Currently the Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc are ripe for the picking. Harvest season is always a fun but challenging time trying to get the fruit off the vines before the rains come. When the grapes are ready to pick there are many other fruit and vegetable crops also ready to harvest making it tough to get as many pickers to help as we would like. Lucky for us we have an experienced group of pickers that is quite a marvel to watch work. We are lined up to pick the Pinot Gris in the next few days. Left photo is Sauvingnon Blanc and right photo is Pinot Gris.