Blog Photo 3Harvest time at White Birch Vineyards is the culmination of the growing season where the long hours and months spent tending the grape vines comes down to a compact few weeks of physical labor and stressing about the weather. The Pinot Gris is a tough varietal to pick; the clusters are small like little pine cones and the wasps are in a frenzy of activity around the clusters and picking lugs. However, the sugar in the grapes is enough to keep the wasps occupied so they tend to stay away from the individuals picking, unless you happen to grab a cluster that a wasp is feeding on. The White Birch Vineyards Pinot Gris pick was a fun experience having three generations of the Falcone family, owners of the vineyard, participating in the harvest of the fruit.  

By the time this blog makes it to the web the Sauvignon Blanc will also be picked and pressed.

Next to be picked is the Pinot Noir.