Cane Pile

Canes Burning

Fortunately, the winter temperatures did not have much effect on our buds this season; resulting in a sigh of relief after three seasons of extensive damage from the cold.

The percentage of bud damage we sustained is normal for a seasonable winter. White Birch Vineyard's harvest should be normal this season, provided we do not experience a late frost, hail, or significant rain throughout the season.

Currently in the vineyard we are pruning out the old wood and putting it in piles to be burned, in order to destroy any overwintering fungus spores. The first picture is about four rows of canes. The second picture was taken about 20 minutes after the first. The canes burn very quickly with massive amount of heat and little smoke once the fire gets going.

The next blog entry will be moving dirt away from the vines to give us a level smooth surface to access the vines.