November 2November 2

 The season is slowly winding down and the preparations for the winter are under way. The left most picture is the first frost of the season, which was cold enough to freeze the leaves and close out this growing season. The second picture is the vineyard on the following day. As I type this blog, it is 20 degrees outside and there is an inch of snow on the ground.

This season's harvest in the Finger Lakes was one for the record books with vineyards producing more grapes than they have in quite some time. The weather last summer during the bud forming stage was good and the winter was mild so the buds lived to produce clusters of fruit. The season started off with more than average rain and then September was dry and warm to help the ripening once again. For the last few years good weather in September has helped push the grapes to ripeness.

Let’s hope next season isn't just helpful in September but helpful all summer long.