Chardonnay grapes are being harvested in Skaneateles! 

You will find these grapes in Chardonnays, White Blends and Blanc de Blancs across the Finger Lakes.

If you are a Chardonnay fan, or if you haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing Chardonnay, you must try the Chardonnay from White Birch Vineyards.  Lightly aged in French Oak, this wine exhibits all of the delicious characteristics of fine Chardonnays, however, it has something extra that is unique and special. 

Taste this wine and find the mild herbaceous note hidden between the fruit and the oak - which is unlike many Chardonnays you will taste elsewhere. 

To pair this wine with food, try it with a Pasta Primavera, a Scallop and Risotto, even Beef with Bearnaise!  Whether Veal Piccata or Chicken Marbella, this wine will pair well with most of the food you love. 

Look for White Birch Chardonnay at your local retailer!

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    IMG 2715 IMG 2715