The Vineyard @ White Birch in Skaneateles

The Vineyard

The Finger Lakes wine appellation is often compared to the German wine regions along the Rhine River. Riesling, one of the most important commercial wine grape varieties, also serves as the most prominent varietal on our vineyard, comprising over half of the 28 acres of plantings. The vineyard has significant plantings of other popular German varietals such as Gewurztraminer and Blaufrankisch, although the grapes of Burgundy and Bordeaux play an important role in our production as well.

The deep waters of the Finger Lakes help to moderate the local microclimate. Stored heat is released from the lakes during the winter, keeping the local climate relatively mild compared to surrounding areas and preventing early season frost. Viticulture on Skaneateles Lake is not without its challenges though. Being the highest of the Finger Lakes, at nearly 900 feet in elevation, Skaneateles is sometimes called the “Roof Garden of the Finger Lakes.” The colder temperatures due to elevation require extra care for the vines, but produce a one of a kind character expressed in the wines.

Here at White Birch, we employ earth-friendly farming techniques to the greatest extent that the local climate will permit. With green farming techniques, such as hoeing instead of herbicides and pest control using pheromones, White Birch helps foster cohabitation with and preservation of the local flora and fauna.

SAUVIGNON BLANC (Purchase Online)
Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine best known for its grassy, herbal flavors and is a popular choice for shellfish or as a refreshing alternative to Chardonnay.
GEWÜRZTRAMINER (Purchase Online)
Gewürztraminer is a white German wine that produces distinctive wines rich in spicy aromas and full flavors, ranging from dry to sweet. This varietal is a popular choice for Asian dishes.
CHARDONNAY (Purchase Online)
One of the world's most popular wines, Chardonnay is a white wine originating from Burgundy. Flavors range from clean and crisp with a hint of varietal flavor to rich and complex, vanilla, butter and oak-aged wines. Chardonnay typically balances fruit, acidity and texture.
RIESLING (Purchase Online)
Riesling is the classic white wine grape from Germany, known for its floral perfume. Depending on where they're made, they can be crisp and bone-dry, full bodied and spicy or luscious and sweet.
NINE NOTCH BLEND (Purchase Online)
A blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the Bordeaux tradition.
CABERNET FRANC (Purchase Online)
A well balanced and aromatic wine, complete with subtle contrasts of fruit and pepper.
Rosés, also called blush wines, are light pink wines made from several red wine grapes. They get their color from a very short period of contact with the grape skins during the wine-making process. Rosés are light, usually somewhat sweet and best served well-chilled.
SILVER FOX RED BLEND (Purchase Online)
Silver Fox Red Blend is a tribute to our owner, visionary, and mastermind behind White Birch Vineyards & Hobbit Hollow Farm, Mr. Mike Falcone. A medium body blend of Blaufrankisch & Merlot. This wine has a vibrant garnet color with aromas of pomegranate & plum. On the palate experience great tannins hints of deep black cherry, spicy pepper and allspice. Perfect wine to cellar or enjoy among great company. Pair this wine with lamb, steak or blue cheese.
PINOT GRIS (Purchase Online)
White Birch Vineyards Pinot Gris is perfect for your everyday sipping or paired with local sea food, soft cheeses or fruit. This wine has bright acidity and refreshing flavors of citrus and minerality.