White Birch Vineyards - Our VisionDating back to the 1700's

In the mountainous Molise region of Italy, our ancestors began planting and harvesting grapes on the rugged hillside surrounding their ancestral home to produce small quantities of wine for their families. In 1999, we continued this tradition when we planted the first vinifera grapes on the shores of Skaneateles Lake with a singular goal - to grow the highest quality grapes offered in the Finger Lakes.

In time, through careful cultivation and vineyard management, the fruit produced was not only exceptional but highly sought-after. We created partnerships with some of the finest wineries in the Finger Lakes, including the renowned Heart and Hands, Ravines, Heron Hill and Dr. Frank’s.

We also began to produce small reserves to be shared with family and friends. Received far beyond our expectations, we were inspired to launch our own single-vineyard label, White Birch Vineyards. We were extremely fortunate to team up with Morten Hallgren as our winemaker in a successful partnership that continues to this day.

Our vision has been transformed into 28 acres of flourishing vines, producing inspiring wines, vintage after vintage. By utilizing old world winemaking techniques in our new world setting, we have produced expressive wines that reflect the unique terroir of the land.

The vineyard remains a homegrown endeavor, with family members picking the first fruit of the annual harvest. As time goes on, we hope our vision and our wines will continue to mature into examples of the best the region has to offer.

The Falcone Family